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Puppy Polisher Pearl Eco Toothbrush (XS)

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Introducing Puppy Polisher Pearl Toothbrush: Precision Care for Tiny Companions

Elevate the dental care experience for your small to extra small dogs, puppies, and feline friends with the Puppy Polisher Pearl Toothbrush. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this toothbrush is designed to provide gentle yet effective oral care for your cherished companions.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect for Canine and Feline Friends:

    • Tailored for small to extra small dogs, puppies, and cats, the Puppy Polisher Pearl Toothbrush ensures precision care for breeds like Pomeranians, Yorkies, Mini Dachshunds, and puppies (1-10 lbs).
  2. Eco-Friendly Composition:

    • Made from a 60% wheat straw composite bioplastic material, the toothbrush champions sustainability without compromising on performance.
  3. Silky Bristles for Deep Cleaning:

    • Thousands of silky bristles on each toothbrush which provide a deep cleaning action that is gentle on sensitive gums.
  4. Breathable Reusable Container:

    • Housed in a breathable and reusable container, the toothbrush ensures convenient and clean storage between uses.
  5. Silicone Tongue Scraper:

    • Comes equipped with a silicone tongue scraper for comprehensive oral care.
  6. Painless Yet Effective Brushing:

    • Unlike traditional hard and rigid toothbrushes, the Puppy Polisher brush prioritizes a painless yet highly effective brushing experience.
    • Ultra-fine Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) polymer bristles absorb less water than conventional nylon bristles, preventing bacteria growth.
  7. BPA-Free Assurance:

    • Puppy Polisher brushes are always BPA-free, ensuring a safe and healthy oral care routine for your pets.
  8. Ideal Dog Breeds:

    • Designed for breeds such as Pomeranians, Yorkies, Mini Dachshunds, puppies, and other small to extra small breeds (1-10 lbs).
  9. Designed with Love in Canada:

    • Crafted with care in Canada, the Puppy Polisher Pearl Toothbrush is made with international parts, reflecting a commitment to quality and global craftsmanship.
  10. Materials and Measurements:

  • Materials: PET Plastic tube (100% recyclable), aluminum lid, paper tag
  • Measurements: Head - 0.5 cm x 0.7 cm, Handle Length - 14.25 cm

Elevate your pet's oral care routine with the Puppy Polisher Pearl Toothbrush – where precision, eco-consciousness, and gentle efficacy converge for a brushing experience tailored to the unique needs of small and extra small companions.