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Puppy Polish Toothpaste - Poultry Flavor

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Elevated Oral Care with Wag & Bright Puppy Polish Toothpaste:

Transform your dog's oral care routine into a delightful experience with Wag & Bright Puppy Polish Poultry Toothpaste. Our thoughtfully crafted formula, boasting natural and derived ingredients, aims to not only maintain dental hygiene but also elevate the overall health of your cherished companion.

Product Highlights:

  • Size and Formula: Available in a 100g/3.5oz tube, our toothpaste is formulated with a blend of Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, and Stevia, addressing plaque buildup, bacterial concerns, and breath freshness.

  • Key Ingredients for Optimal Oral Health:

    • Baking Soda: Renowned for its antibacterial properties and effective debris removal.
    • Coconut Oil: Proven to reduce oral microbial load and minimize plaque buildup.
    • Stevia: A natural sweetener that excludes artificial colors, parabens, gluten, triclosan, fluoride, xylitol, and heavy metals.

Suitable for All Ages:

  • Wag & Bright Puppy Polish Toothpaste is safe and beneficial for dogs of any age, making it a versatile choice for your pet's evolving needs.

Quality Assurance:

  • At Wag & Bright, we prioritize your pet's safety and satisfaction.
  • Independent 3rd Party Inspection Firms, Agencies, and Laboratories meticulously assess each batch, ensuring our toothpaste surpasses industry standards.

Immerse your dog in the luxury of superior oral care with Wag & Bright Puppy Polish Toothpaste – where quality, efficacy, and your pet's well-being take center stage. Consistency in usage promises a brighter, healthier smile for your beloved pup.

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